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Single storey extensions

Extending your home with a single storey extension as opposed to moving to a new house can prove to be a more economic and satisfactory solution that suits your family’s present and future needs. A new extension is a sensible investment that can add to the value of your home and provide the additional internal space required enabling you to make the most effective use of your accommodation.

Many more people are now considering extending their properties as an alternative to moving home, as the costs of buying and selling property are so prohibitive. However, this significant investment can prove to be very daunting without the professional advice to help you make the right choices.

Members of the Lancashire Building Network can take the initiative and help you to make an informed decision on the most suitable extension that will provide you with space and flexibility within your home. The addition of a single storey extension can add significant value to your home, and help you turn your house into the home you’ve always wanted.

Single storey extensions in Lancashire are a very popular means of gaining extra space within your home, often providing a larger kitchen, lounge, dining room or alternatively adding a utility room, family room or new office. Whatever your reasons for extending, you want to be sure that the process is well managed and to the highest standards.

Double storey extensions in Lancashire

Double storey extensions in Lancashire can make a substantial difference to your home, not only giving you extra space in your lounge, kitchen, dining room or other living areas, but also increasing the available bedroom accommodation or providing an additional bathroom. This type of extension often gives you enough space to avoid having to move home, at a cost which is far more affordable.

Whatever your reasons for extending, you want to be sure that the process is as trouble free as possible, with minimum disruption to your daily routine. On most extensions the initial building works can be carried out from outside your existing property, and only breaking through into the existing living area when necessary. Although double storey extensions in Lancashire can be a major project, our members can make sure it’s well planned so that it causes as little disruption to everyday life as possible.

All extensions come fully project managed and with a full detailed construction and cost programme, making sure that all customers know exactly what is taking place from start to completion.

Side return extensions

Side return extensions in Lancashire is usually used to create extra space in existing rooms or to re-arrange your interior floor plan to create extra space that could include: bedrooms, bathrooms or living space. Side return extensions can also be combined with rear extensions to form a wrap-around extension.

Although wrap-around extensions are often more time-consuming and can cause a high amount of disturbance, they offer great rewards by allowing the maximum amount of flexibility to re-organise the existing layout of your home to meet you exact needs.

Our members are experienced in producing high quality wrap around and single storey extensions that are tailored to our customers every need. All building projects are fully project managed so that your project runs as smooth as possible, with minimum disruption to your daily schedule.

Conservatory or kitchen extension

Investing in a conservatory extension is always a smart and wise decision that will add value to your property and provide your home with a room that is flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways. By opting for a conservatory, you’re not just buying another room, your investing in the value of your property and investing in a new way of living.

A conservatory is not only practical but also very pleasurable. It will provide a unique and flexible space that can be used in so many ways and also be one of the least expensive and simplest ways of adding additional space to your home. Many families enjoy using the added space as an ideal playroom for the children or entertaining room on summer evenings, which allows you to get the most out of your garden in the spring and summer. Even on a cold day you can still enjoy being closer to nature and extending your summer throughout the year.

A conservatory extension also allows you to make the most of our precious sunshine. For entertaining, a conservatory provides the perfect setting for a dinner party or gives you the much need space for a table and chairs to act as an alternative breakfast room. In addition, it can be utilised as a light airy study for those who work or study from home. All in all, a conservatory provides a stylish and elegant way to add more space and flexibility to your home and life.