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Double Storey Extensions in Lancashire

Double storey extensions in Lancashire are basically a two storey extension built to extend the size of your house and your living space on two floors – a ground and second level floor.
double storey house extensions in dyfed
double storey house extension
double storey house extension

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Double storey extensions in Lancashire  or 2 storey extensions create the most space in your home, giving twice the space of other types of extension. 2 storey extensions open up a huge amount of space (whether as a side return, rear or wrap-around extension) as they run across two floors, allowing families an increase in their living space as well as additional room upstairs for an extra bedroom or perhaps an en suite for the master bedroom.

Grow your house with your family

As your family grows, you may find yourself needing more space than your house can accommodate. However, moving house in Lancashire can be expensive and stressful, with high competition for every single property. A double storey extension allows you to create more space both upstairs and downstairs, as well as adding value to your property overall. So the cost of a double storey extension might be daunting at first, but its always worth it.

inside a double storey extension

Double Storey Extension Ideas – Downstairs

The downstairs portion of your double storey extension will allow you to create a fantastic living space with all the room you could need. A 2 storey extension will allow you to have an open plan kitchen with all of the luxuries of high-spec appliances and a bespoke design, that’s perfect for entertaining. You could even incorporate a dining area or living area, with bi-fold doors opening out on to your garden or patio. This is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to 2 storey extension ideas, so just take a look at our portfolio for more amazing ideas.

Double Storey Extension Ideas – Upstairs

Double storey extensions in Lancashire can make a substantial difference to your home, not only giving you extra space in your lounge, kitchen, dining room or other living areas, but also increasing the available bedroom accommodation or providing an additional bathroom. ..

Double Storey Extension Semi Detached House

Double storey extensions for a semi deteched houses is an easy job, and is our most common house type we work on. A double storey extension semi detached house can give you close to twice the amount of space compared to a standard semi detached house size. However, you don’t need a big 2 storey extension semi detached house to free up a lot of room as you are able to add a great deal of extra storage or living space upstairs and downstairs.

Double Storey Extension Terraced House

Just because you live in a terrace house doesn’t mean you can’t invest in a double storey extension. A double storey extension terraced house is the perfect way to increase the length and space of your home allowing you to create an enormous living space.

You can extend the dining room and kitchen downstairs into a long entertaining area and upstairs of the double storey extension terraced house can be used to create an extra bedroom, storage room, bathroom or any other room you have an idea for.

Double Storey Garage Extension

Have another idea? Well a double storey garage extension in Lancashire is a completely viable extension to invest in. Have space at the side of your home above the garage where you want to extend to? Then this can be done and can free up tons of space upstairs. A double storey garage extension doesn’t always have to be on the side of the house, but this is a typical double storey side extension that many people invest in because this allows you to use up the wasted space above your garage.

double storey garage extensions in dyfed
double storey garage builder
double storey garage ideas

Add value

A double storey extension will hugely increase your living space, adding value to your house and making it much more competitive in the housing market. So if you decide to move in the future – perhaps at a point where you want to downsize – you’ll be able to market your house at its maximum value with the addition of a 2 storey extension.

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